Posted by: Vozzie | December 12, 2008

My Addition To This Bloggy Thing

Because Phil had one...

Because Phil had one...

So, just for the record, the blog was my idea.  I figured that we should have a more permanent base of operations than our Youtube account, which could easily be deleted again.  Also, this allows for us to document other things that we are doing at the time.  It makes a lot of sense to me.

The plan is this: Phil and I trade off writing every other day, skipping Sundays to make it even.  You can expect me to post again tomorrow, since this is just an introduction blog.

I am a Digital Media Arts major at Huntington University, which is in northern Indiana.  I come back from school to pester Phil every once in a while, since my home in Anderson is just over an hour from school.

That’s enough about me.  I will NOT be blogging next week because of a business trip that I’m taking, which will put me out of the country, and most likely out of reach of internet access.

Until then, I think it is important to note that we really do care about your feedback.  We read all of your comments on the videos (and elsewhere), and we are really tickled when we find references to our humor on the web.  We have just as much fun watching you have fun as we do… having fun otherwise.

Basically, we like it when you tell us what you think.  So go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to this blog and to our Youtube account.  We are listening, so keep talking!

I’d love to keep talking.  So I will.


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