Posted by: Phil | December 12, 2008

Is This Really how it Starts?

Holy crap, it's ME!
No way, it’s ME!

I love cheese. You know that? Cheese! Holy gluhabpahar, cheese is amazing. By the way, I’m the faaaaaar better looking picture on the left of our little “logo-thing”. Punching things. In fact, I drew that; yes, I draw stuff.

I lied. Cheese is good, but I am in no way infatuated by it on an obsessive basis. Sorry, it’s 3:21 AM, what am I supposed to think about!?

Okay, so I’m supposed to start out this wonderful “blog” as a collaboration effort on humor and information, with my accomplice on this subject: Drew Vosburg.

I’m Phil Dragash, by the way.

Thoooooong! We love this guy.

Anyway, you might know us as the weirdos that make these dubs (i.e. voice-overs) or “dubbs” on THIS PAGE OF GLORY AND WONDER. Yes, we make the “Lord of the Rings Animated Film” ones together. I mix them, record them,

add sounds, and am most of the voices: Gandalf (yes the weird ‘old-man’ noises too), Frodo,

Aragorn, Sam, Caesar Elrond, the orcs, some Ringwraiths (aka the Brown Riders), Saruman, Sméagol/Gollum, and the “Bwwaaaalhrog”. Drew makes up the most amazing jokes and stories for these dubs.
Also, with this blog, we’d be delighted to educate, show, tell, and break the sorry sap of your mind with things that we create and discuss about.

I hope we’ll be entertaining you in the future.




  1. dude
    yor shit is da.well….. AWESOME SHIT!!!!
    just to let you know, northwest ohio supports your dubbing and soul saving and stuff

    heil zbatin!!!


  2. First off I have to congratulate both of you(and all involved) for your Youtube success…if…thats what I should call it…

    This site will definitely allow the public to communicate more efficiently with you and you with them. I think its a very good move for you!…Its a good movement!…You made a movement!…no…your having a movement! Okay Im gonna stop it there before I start to sound stupid…er…

    Should you ever require my assistance please feel free to ask.

    ~Irvine Wolf

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