Posted by: Vozzie | December 13, 2008

Because It’s Christmas!

I am looking at my words with indifference...

I am looking at my words with indifference...

Just for the record, the title will have nothing to do with this post.

So, the real blogging has begun, and so has some thinking on our dubbing.  We not only have an idea for the next dub, but we also have several ideas to extend our Burger King viral advertising campaign.  As Christmas break progresses, you should see these ideas come to fruition (meaning actually appear on Youtube).

podcast1What would happen if you could subscribe to our dubs on iTunes?  Well, I hope you’re ready, because we’re looking into podcasting our little dubby things and placing them on iTunes for the world to ignore!

If you don’t like iTunes, then come over to the dark side with me and subscribe in your favorite third-party program.

Over the next month, there should be an explosion of work posted on our Youtube account, because I am home and motivated(ish).  We really need to get back to where we were when these dubs were really humming along.

I like dubbing.   I also like books.  I am reading a book called Art and Fear right now, and it is excellent, whether you’re a writer, musician, or any other kind of artist (or anybody for that matter).

Ok.  I’m going back to my all-important Lego work.

–  Vozzie  –


  1. I still like cheese.

  2. Because it’s Christmas!!!! Isn’t that a song?

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