Posted by: Phil | December 14, 2008

Primitive Screwheads

I like that blue color.

I like that blue color.

Okay, it’s my turn today. And tomorrow… and the day after… and…

Ash is the King“All right you primitive screwheads, listen up!”

I’m REALLY sorry for the delay in new dubbs! (or dubs… whatever you call ’em) rest assured we’ll continue with the Bakshi LOTR movies next week and BEYOND! It’s going to be an astonishing feat. Plus, I’m going to try to contact some other people on the internet and see if we’d be able to latch on to “bigger fish” as they say.  So, hopefully we’ll be able to show more people what we worked so long on… (it’s been a year of Bakshi LOTR dubs, guys! A freaking YEAR!)


PLUS, I’m extremely scared of posting a few of the videos onto Youtube because there’s such a high risk of getting kicked out again! Sure, trailers are A-OK to post… but scenes from movies, well, if its not STAR WARS (because Lucasfilm is cool with anyone using their footage if not for soliciting purposes, because they’re smart) is kind of risky to upload. However, we are trying to make a website (or get onto someone else’s website) and keep dubbing the living daylights out of more and more movies!


In other news, if you’re a Metal Gear Solid fan, like me, I DEMAND you read what this human being calls the greatest Metal Gear Solid spoof comic book of all time. It’s written by someone called peachifruit who is a very very talented artist, and whom I’ve had the good fortune of contacting, so we could-*GASP*-use it to make our OWN “Limited Animation”®  mini-movie out of it! It’s going to be great! Thankfully the original author said she’d love it and offered to help me work on it! …Just look at those drawings… amazing expressions. METAL GEARRRR! Speaking of Metal Gear… I drew Snake one time. Yes, another selfish form of self-promotion. Sorry.

Anyway, here’s some DUBBS! (Yes, I KNOW RIGHT?!) That YOUTUBE blocked from uploading! And a certain Sundance DiGiovanni, who is a fan (of all the people in the world) offered to let me upload a ton of dubs on their website! So, you can see what you missed and here’s a Dragonheart dub I did for no reason… and yes, it would have been on youtube, but they BLOCKED it. Perfect.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Merry Christmas.


  1. There only one way to handle the Idiots of YouTube….”Stab ’em in the Face!”.

    It’ll be interesting to see how that Thing with Peachifruit turns out.

    Funny Dragonheart dubb Bahaha!…Interesting promotion….hmm…


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