Posted by: Phil | December 16, 2008

Second Post of the Week



Guten tag, leute!

Here’s some news, and some more dubs that aren’t able to make it on Youtube due to paranoid reasons (on their side, not mine)…

I love the EVIL DEAD series. Who doesn’t? I mean, okay THE EVIL DEAD was really cheesy and gory and didn’t have Ash do a lot of things, and the cinematography sucked… but even though its my least favorite, for some weird reason, it makes me feel happy.

Yeah, I made that logo. Pretty cool, eh?

Yeah, I made that logo. Pretty cool, eh?

Yeah! You heard me!

Most of you would automatically think “The Princess Bride” or “Aladdin” or something like that to brighten your spirits on a depressing day/week… but to me it’s EVIL DEAD II, ARMY OF DARKNESS, and THE EVIL DEAD. Why? Well, since I’m a filmmaking kind of guy, I love the fact that these were Sam Raimi’s first movies, and how delightfully funny and cheesy they were at the same time. Plus, the legend himself, Bruce Campbell… in those movies, man… instant happiness. So, my point here is, kids, we ain’t gunna’ dub any of those because, how can you!? Honestly, how?

Okay, something to say about our dubs… well, I’m having some idiotic editing system problems, and since I’ve added philrun_boglup a lot of space to make a super-duper montage of my short movies (and now the program won’t render due to insufficient memory… what? I can play DOOM3 on High Res without problems, but this little video has too little memory?) and that’s not going very well. I’m saying this because that’s where my focus is at this time… and I’m dedicated to getting it done before moving on to more things that would make you, loyal viewers, happy.

Anyway, anyone know of the amazing website called Last.FM? If you have an account, It’d be awesome to be your friend on it. I have to say, the music I listen to the most (89% of the time) is Film Score. The Symphony Orchestra, to me, is music in its purest form… and music from films (and original compositions: Bach, Mozart,  and recent composers like Penderecki or Part) is my favorite by far. The most lively way to communicate emotion. I’m in love with it. It kicks everything else in the–Okay, enough about this stuff.

Speaking of people called Ash… I want to talk to you about a different Ash; he’s a twerp, and if you grew up with Pokémon, as I did (001-151), you’ll love this (unless you’ve seen it of course. It’s the video that got our PhilKickDea account destroyed! “Pokémon In A Nutshell (New)” Remember the original? We didn’t make it, but we loved it so much that in 2004, me and a friend called Andy decided to quickly record audio for it. 4 years after, I decided to add images, and the rest is below…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I'm really a Pokénerd.

I'm really a Pokénerd.

Speaking of Pokémon, I discovered these guys on Youtube (again, only worth it if you grew up with or watched the Pokémon TV Show)… They’re just great. Just great, I tell you!

Oh, and here’s some other weird video I made in 2008 for a Commercial Contest. It won Second Place (those crooks!), about Barbasol. This is all original footage filmed by me! I am still very proud how I aged the video to make it truly look like a 1930s/40s-style trailer to a movie over-sponsored by Barbasol! Check it out!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Good. I think I talked enough for today. Oh! By the way, I was trying out this TV Channel website called Blip.TV and Added a preview of the FULL-LENGTH LOTR Dub we did so far (at that time), yes it’s all the episodes put together!

I can’t stress enough how we need you guys to help us reach more people so they can laugh, and we can make more stupid things like these! Go, people! Mahha Go Go Goooo!

Who can put Pokémon and Evil Dead in the same article? Me of course!

Thanks for reading

Merry Christmas.

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