Posted by: Phil | December 17, 2008

More… talking.

Yes, more talking.

Yes, more talking.

I’m talking… again.

What do I say now? Uuuuughh… well, I made this picture. It’s obviously supposed to mimic a

this is my return to Bacefook with a Vengeance picture. I was gone for some time already.

this is my return to "Bacefook" with a Vengeance picture. I was gone for some time already.

poster and me being cool, I guess. If that makes you cool, sure! What else can I say? Here’s some more videos by me for your viewing digestion…

In other news, no, my PC is still not going well. Yes, Drew is still in some other country, inhibiting us from making dubs…

and yes, we contacted some guys and they didn’t respond yet. Nothing new to report. …Yawn… Plus, our view-count is getting lower and lower and lower.

140 views for the first page, and now its just down to 7. Wow, I’m so overjoyed.

To add to this non-happy day of sorts, voice-over actress Maddie Blaustein (1950-take a guess) died a few days ago. For all of you Poképeople out there, she was the voice of Meowth for a good amount of time (the best Meowth voice by far) (1999-2006). That really really sucks, because her voice was nothing short of an amazing character within itself…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This was a pointless movie (for fun, to strive off boredom)  done by me, lit by me, and voiced by me. Yes, its dubbed over! Whoa! Okay, anough about that crap.

Hoping it gets better sooner than never…



  1. Well…It wasn’t THAT pointless of a video….Okay so it was pretty pointless but it was entertaining!

    By the way I like the pic you did of you telling your computer to run BAHAHA!

    And Nice Poster pic by the way!


  2. Oh wow! Did you make that? Which one is you?

  3. make what? The video? I’m not in it! But that IS me on the poster!

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