Posted by: Vozzie | December 23, 2008

Slippery slope…

I am looking at my words with indifference...

Back in the USA...

So something terrible has happened.  All across the nation, there have been ice and snow storms, making life impossible, or at least more adventurous, for all.  I am walled in my home, far away from the dubs I love.  Although we have written some interesting if not excellent jokes for our next segment of the LOTR Dubs.  Phil did most of the writing this time around, but I went back and refined just a few things, as to create optimum whatever it is that makes people want to watch these things.

Also, we uploaded our videos to this other place and they were snapped up.  Over a hundred views per video in just one day!  This is encouraging, no matter how hard the wind blows.

In the weeks to come, we hope to show you a multitude of fantastic visual fantasies to help you fantasize about the fantastical world of Ralph Bakshi.  Although the holidays will be interrupting our fun a little, we hope to turn them into a joyous period of merriment and delight.  We just need to be able to drive first.

Whoa, the man has a beard!

Whoa, the man has a beard! (Ralph Bakshi, by the way)

I Googled good old Ralphy, since he is the man of the hour every hour, and found that he has a blog section on his website where he puts up a doodle every day.  I checked, and saw there were no comments for the week.  In fact, there weren’t any comments since mid-November, and that post was full of spam comments with just one real comment.  I went back and counted all of the real comments that he has recieved on his blog, which has been posted since 2005, and there were only 40 (despite 655 spam comments).  I doubt it will take long for this blog to surpass his…

So there you have it.  If anyone feels like giving me relatively large sums of money, that would be awesome!  Otherwise, I am finished writing for the day.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Spread the Bahkshi cheer!


  1. But I like Ralph Bakshi. Oh well, its always fun to make fun of that Lord of the Rings movie he made.

    You know, unlike the rest of the world, I’d LOVE to see the second part of his Lord of the Rings film… MAKE IT, RALPH!

  2. Ya know….If I didnt know any better…I would say Ralph looks a whole lot like Boromir….with that Awesomely Awesome beard…

    Cant wait to see the next LOTR dubb! Your still going to put it on Youtube right?


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