Posted by: Vozzie | December 30, 2008

Half Way Home!

Feet make great stocking stuffers!

Feet make great stocking stuffers!

We have reached the INTERMISSION, and we are moving directly onward with our Lord Of The Rings dubbing.  We have uploaded the first of two new Bakshi destruction videos. This was the final video before the halfway mark of the entire project.

Stay tuned, because we have also made “significant progress” on the intermission dub.  It’s not up, but it’s in progress.

Last night, we also enjoyed a Hayao Miyazaki treasure, Castle In The Sky. It was very Miyazaki-like in nature (obviously), maintaining some of the same themes and characters as in some of his other movies.  The music is very good, and Phil is quite taken with it.  However, he’s having some difficulty getting ahold of the soundtrack that was used for the English version of the film..

We are glad to upload new videos.  Hopefully we will be able to get one more before I must return to the land and the lake where I reside.

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