Posted by: Vozzie | January 3, 2009

Drawing To A Close…

Discontented Vozzie looks left...

Discontented Vozzie looks left...

As Christmas break ends for my school, I am looking back on the things that I have (and subsequently haven’t) accomplished over this small respite from normal activities.  Artistically, I have not been doing much at all sans a few simple designs for Christmas.  This is sort of sad, since I had really done a lot of work, especially drawing, at the end of the semester.  Most of this was due to finals, and perhaps that overload is why I’ve taken the next four weeks off of drawing.

Dubbing-wise, I didn’t really put forth my best effort or spend as much time as I forsaw that I would, mostly because I didn’t feel enthusiastic about it.  I feel I do my best humor when I’m in the mood to do funny things like dubs.  however, I simply did not feel that way the entire period of time when I was available to create more of these hilarious dubs.  Phil did an excellent job of picking up the slack and making sure that we actually got everything written and done and funny.  However, the weight of the production burden is already on him, and I should have been more active in the creation process.

Business, it seems, was hardly as usual this December.  I wasn’t productive, motivated, or enthusiastic.  At the moment, I am looking forward to sleep.  I shall try to draw motivation from people around me.  Until then, I shall stay in this sophomore slump.

–  Vozzie  –

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