Posted by: Phil | January 16, 2009

When Re-Branding Goes Off-Brand

Again, yes... it must be said.

Again, yes... it must be said.

I just saw the new GATORADE logo, and I can’t help but angrily spit out my thoughts yet AGAIN on how mentally retarded and artistically handicapped PepsiCo’s marketing team really is. Because I am seriously disappointed.

Okay, so Sierra Mist at first, as Drew stated…. looks like a 3rd Party off-brand piece of waste. Then, when you keep staring at the ugly face of the logo a lot more, you start to warm up to it and think “You know, it also looks like a poster to a bad B-movie horror film.”


Second, GATORADE. Yes. They changed Gatorade. At first, before I saw the design, I thought “Oh, well it might be a good design, you know where they took the good elements that say ‘Sports Drink’ to you and put it togethe– OH NO!”

And sure enough, they destroyed that too. I see that it seems they’ve been hiring the same untalented copycat I-only-design-what-I’ve-learned-at-school college graduate.

Anyway, Gatorade now looks like you’re drinking medicine. But they didn’t just stop there, no, they thought that it would be great for atheletes to not only seem like they’re drinking liquid steroids but check their eyes! What convenience! They made the font RIDICULOUSLY LARGE, in fact SO LARGE that it doesn’t FIT! Man, that’s so great, Now when I drink Gatorade, I won’t think of sports OR competition OR energy… but going to the eye-doctor, and pharmacy to get perscription drugs! Ohhh these people are so brilliant.

Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Burwick (a.k.a. Satan) set the tone for the change at a meeting of Pepsi bottlers when he said “If we don’t change quickly, we run the risk of being a footnote to history,” according to Beverage Digest.

It just makes you want to throw off-brand (I mean “new”) Pepsi design cans right at his crotch.

I mean, look, even I made a design in 5 minutes and I’d totally accept it as the new “look”… which is pretty much is:

pepsi-can-better2You cannot look at this piece of 5-minute crap and tell me its worse than what they invested millions to make that looks like a plumber’s butt…


I think I’m done.  Say NO to crappy simple designs!


  1. wahahah the butt, oh you :*

  2. “I’m gonna kill him, the designer.”

  3. I like that Uwe Boll is directing Sierra Mist.

    Only he could give it the mastery that it truly deserves.

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