Posted by: Vozzie | January 23, 2009


Behold, assorted thoughts!

Behold, assorted thoughts!

Artists, writers, movie-makers, and Americans in general are obsessed with success.  While at first glance this word looks like it means “sucks in excess,” everybody is trying to achieve it.

Most of the time, people think that success is limited to commercial success, meaning how popular it is, or how much money it makes.  In the fine art world, success is not a term that means that a piece sold for a lot of money, but that it is of artistic merit.  This is the definition of success that I will be using in this post.

Since artistic merit is often followed by commercial success, people naturally connect the two.  The thing is, there are commercially very successful things that do not have much artistic merit, such as High School Musical 2, or Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  So what is it that gives something, such as a short video, success?

Only YOU can get us to reach more people!

Only YOU can get us to reach more people!

In the case of our Bakshi dubs, how can we become successful, not in the commercial sense, but in the sense that our work has a good flow and is well conceived?

That is what I’ve been thinking of lately, and I think most of it is just gut reaction.  Phil knows a lot about successful movie making, and I know a bit about how to tell a good joke.  Most of our best stuff has been reflexes.  The question is, could we figure out how to make all of the dubs of the highest caliber?  What would it look like to do so?

I’m still trying to figure it out.  There’s a look inside my head.  I know I’m taking myself way too seriously, but I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman series lately (today I read Dream Country), and it makes me think about stepping up my game.  Because he’s so darn awesome.


  1. Okay, so do you guys have any idea to whom you’re going to “advertise” these amazing dubs?

  2. Yeah, I emailed’s people over and over and over. No response…. yet.
    but if only they gave a mere MENTION of our dubs we’d get a kabloozion of views.

    and some other guys somewhere I don’t know.

    • hey,
      try im sure you would get a good response from there. also i think alot of people would see the post.

  3. If anyone has a lead on a possible interested parent site, let us know. Obviously we could create our own, but we feel it would be more prudent to attach ourselves to another site that already has the means and the audience.

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