Posted by: Phil | January 28, 2009

“Day of the Dragon”

Flagon that Dragon!

Flagon that Dragon!

All right people: So there’s this kid, right? His name is Dawson. You might know him from this video:

He’s actually Drew’s brother. And he’s an author, I guess. Here, check out his book. I was made to do the cover design for it. Anyway, he’s like 14 or whatever, and before he reached that age, he wrote another book; and the result was “Day of the Dragon”.

Now, what makes DOTD interesting is that since he was that young, and since he wrote such a large book at that age, its crap-full of mistakes, and hilarious but TOTALLY UNINTENTIONAL suggestive refrences hidden within the “first” version. It’s not fun to read. But it’s fun TO LISTEN TO.

Yes, that means I was told by Dawson himself to do an AUDIOBOOK for “Day of the Dragon“. And did I? Ohhhhhh yes, I did! All 39 Chapters.


For those of you wondering what in the living daylights that brown thing is on the cover of the Audiobook: It’s Dawson’s stolen picture he drew of “The Great Dragon” and I colored it based on what was described in the book. Yep, its really bizarre. Worth a listen.


  1. I’m mentally scarred for life now thanks to that video.

  2. Well, thanks a lot…hey I was only 13 and was scared to death. No dip I sucked.

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