Posted by: Vozzie | February 4, 2009

We have viral!

Vozzie has some stubble...

Vozzie has some stubble...

Apparently, Phil’s dub of the Watchmen trailer got ten thousand hits in one day.  That is quite an achievement!  Although I was not even remotely connected to this particular dub, I support Phil whole-heartedly, and am excited for this achievement!

In celebrity news, of course, Christian Bale made himself look angry, and Michael Phelps proved that money and talent do not equal common sense.

In my scholastic news, I am creating several interesting little animated pieces.  I have done a few traditional animations, including some flipbooks and a morphing exercise, but what I’m really excited about is my Jan Terri project.  Expect to see more about that in the months to come.

Also, I am looking to create a “Vozzie” movie clip, where my cut-out style is emulated in video using Adobe After Effects.  Also, I am looking to sleep more often and eat less pizza.

Now you’ve seen what a post with no content looks like.  Assorted facts of little value.  I hope you’re as dissatisfied with this as I am.  I apologize if the whole blog has a rather negative slant, but I am growing facial hair this month as a part of an event sponsored by my school, and it is rather unpleasant.

So… there it is.

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