Posted by: Vozzie | February 18, 2009

Creating vs. Producing Art

Vozzie has an unfortunate beard.

Vozzie has an unfortunate beard.

Art is a reflection of the artist.  Every time a new piece is created, it reflects its creator.  there is a connection that an artist has to their art, no matter whether the artist even feels that they connect to their own work.  As my school year has progressed, more and more art has been required of me.  I am beginning to feel stretched thin.

It is not that I do not like the projects I am working on, or that I don’t enjoy creating, but there is only so much of me that I can allow to be expressed at once in a safe manner.  The rest of the projects I have to simply produce.

Over the years, the less art required of me, the less often I produce it.  However, I would have artistic explosions where pent up emotions and thoughts would force themselves out in a piece of art.

Now I find myself simply producing drawings and projects with little creativity.  Although I do have projects which I can back full-heartedly, I am unable to give my all on every assignment.  Maybe that’s just how art works.  It could be that some of the world’s “greatest” art was created out of a need for money, not an artistic expression.

That’s all I got.

–  Vozzie  –

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