Posted by: Phil | February 22, 2009

Star Trek vs Star Wars

The prequels sucked, by the way.

The prequels sucked, by the way.

I’m not a Trekkie. There, I said it. I don’t really like it an extra lot.

The only exposure I had of the great American TV series that started all kinds of things, was the original 1966 classic; and those were a few episodes on Croatian TV (subtitled) in 2002-ish. Don’t get me wrong, its cool stuff! I’m just not that into it.  So, naturally, if I’m not taken by Star Trek… I’m taken by another Star… with WARS!

Oh, you betcha. Star Wars was discovered by me at an early age: In fact, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about Star Wars (much like many of us fine Americans). However, the funny thing is, as much as I knew about the Star

Courtesy of Court Jones

Courtesy of Court Jones

Wars series, I never saw the movies until a specific point in time (I sense its at around 1995) when I made my dad let me borrow one. My dad doesn’t care about anything fantasy or sci-fi (as much as he enjoys the films, he still doesn’t keep track of any of Fellowship Of the Ring’s names very well), so initially mixed up Star Wars with STAR TREK! Especially since I was wanting to watch a specific Star Wars movie featuring “Those walking things on the snow!”, to which my dad replied that “there are hundreds of episodes; it will be too difficult to find!”… and so I searched for it, and lo and behold, do I see on the VHS version: one of the “walking things!”; however on the cover of RETURN OF THE JEDI. So, in essence: I watched the last film first.

Oh well, it’s no big deal, as I already knew the (unfortunately) very well known “twist” about Darth Vader and Luke… (I wish that just died out, so the surprise would have still been there.)

So anyway, I like Star Trek for what it is: a Sci-Fi series where a crew of the space-vessel, the Enterprise, journey far and wide in search of exploration to unknown planets and worlds in space… the final frontier. Sounds very intelligent and interesting, doesn’t it?  A bunch of guys flying around exploring and meeting creatures and places, and occasionally confronting the obstacles that they run into… but all in all it was more about discovery. Star WARS on the other hand, was more about conflict (hence the WARS) and centered upon action and adventure. A space opera… however still smart, and well made.

The guy on the right is cooler. Just sayin.

The guy on the right is cooler. Just sayin'.

What’s going on with this new movie by the overrated genius J.J. Abrams? Well, besides being ridiculously overrated creative, and hiring camera-operators with Parkinson’s disease for all his movies he directs (and produces: see Cloverfield), he adds virtually nothing extremely creative or refreshing in his films. Kind of like if a nerd with a lot of intention but no real skill to make films, was given a lot of money to make remakes off of various wonderful (or overblown) franchises. So, basically, what this NEW Abramsified™ STAR TREK movie looks like (so far) a Star Wars film, encased in a Star Trek wrapper. Don’t believe me? Watch this dub we did, and you’ll see it.

Yes… as far as I’m concerned, Star Wars is better anyways.

and I don’t like it when fanboys make movies, but don’t understand how to make them the right way.

Oh, by the way: It’s Aragorn‘s Birthday today.



    Just like you I accidentally saw Return of The Jedi first instead of the way it should have been(in order). It was probably very near 1995 when I was first introduced to star wars. The only thing I can remember from that first viewing was the big walking things little brothers: AT-STs or, as I liked to call them at the time, Chicken Walkers….good times.

  2. […] watching the 2009 reboot. We even made a rather humorous overdub out of one of the trailers, and I ranted about it on the now-not-so-updated blog that I shared with my friend Drew. Indeed, “Star Trek” was a passable narrative dealing with […]

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