Posted by: Phil | April 7, 2009

April Update



Because Drew is being a dork and not updating anything, I guess I have to break his stupid rule that we take turns. It’s BEEN A LONG TIME.

So, because nothing new is happening, and we can’t do any dubs because Drew is “busy”, I guess I’ll have to do something myself. Oh yeah, I’ve been busy too.

Hey, because I feel like being a selfish person… check out some of my artsy fartsy stuff I did on DeviantArt! I’ve been listening to a lot of music from Studio Ghibli films (great stuff), primarily (but not limited to) Joe Hisaishi. I also didn’t really like the CD covers for the soundtracks so I decided to make some myself. Here, check this out… it took me a few hours to paint (FROM SCRATCH, mind you)

click it for the full verion!

click it for the full verion!

And of course, if you want to download it for your own album artwork on iTunes, be my guest!

P.S. We watched Twilight for the first time, and we actually audio-recorded us watch it. That will be available to download soon. It’s a 100% pure natural reaction and commentary on the movie while watching it, so its not like Rifftrax where we deliberately try to riff off of every single thing. More about this crazy thing later! You can tell I despised that movie.


  1. Cool.

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