Posted by: Vozzie | May 4, 2009

Holy COW!


Vozzie has a media headache.

Vozzie has a media headache.

I want you to observe that I am indeed POSTING on this fine blog of ours.  Time has not provided me opportunity to share my thoughts with those of you on the web.  Now, the time has come for an update.


The reasons for my absence are more than legitimate.  Over the next two weeks, I have a short documentary, two stop-motion animations, a 3D turnaround animation, a Photoshop project, and a 35 second demo-reel EXTRAVAGANZA to finish.

While this is going on, I have not been doing much of anything exciting.  I have begun to work on organizing my music collection, but I am not doing anything super valuable.

In the recent future, I am going to redesign my website!  I am looking at creating a database-driven site that is able to generate new pages based on content provided in a database.  This means I could have more flexible design changes and more organized media!

Now that I’ve wasted plenty of words on here, let me say that I have seen neither Watchmen nor Wolverine.  That is because neither has attained enough praise to warrant my viewing (although Watchmen has come close).

Also, I have been pretty disappointed with action movie scores lately.  Times sure have changed.

Well, time for my nose to go back where it is uncomfortable: the grindstone.


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