Posted by: Phil | May 26, 2009

Music Video World



Hi guys. Yes, you may be wondering why the newest video isn’t funny, nor is it a dub. That’s because I know these three guys that make music, and I want to help them out. I want to promote for them. That’s why that video is up. They are Respondents.

Does it have anything to do with me? Yes it does. I directed, edited, lit, and had the pain of directing lead-guitarist Matt Runda (a very opinionated dude, God bless him) to make it. Sorry for the shakyness of the camera but we’re not made out of money, and I can’t afford an awesome steadicam system.

You can listen to some Respondents songs from their EP right here. I hope you like this music video, which I worked fairly hard on. Its far from what I imagined in my head, but circumstances prohibited that to come into fulfillment.

Yeah, I was the one that shot all the footage. I didn’t have any “assistance” (except the very helpful aids that were kind enough to hold lights and reflectors because I was not able to: Caleb, Jake, TJ, Stephanie, Lionel. Thanks!)

Don’t worry, more dubs to come. Don’t worry; I’ll be funny again.

In case you didn’t see it on Youtube; or any other place for that matter: I linked it for you:


  1. Yes. God Bless wee little Matteaus Runder. He needs a good blessing. Or a good kick in the rear. One or the other 🙂

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