Posted by: Phil | August 5, 2009

Lord of the Rings Dub Update



Oh yeah, baby. We’re back. We’ve been meditating about it and have a very good plan for the rest of the series. Trust me, you’ll like it. The vacation I was on was fun and everything, and I had a lot of downtime to think of what to do for the last half. Gandalf returns, Boromir dies, and the film doesn’t have a proper ending! What will happen when the characters within the film find that out!?

Not to mention the battle at Helm’s Deep… with (S)Aruman’s light show going off. Once its over, I really hope it will have a life of its own, and continue to touch more people’s hearts with pure joy and wonder… Contact ThatGuyWithTheGlasses! Tell them to just mereley MENTION this! Daaaaah! We gotta’ scramble!

Sorry for the many delays this thing is getting, but we get busy and occasionally uncreative. Hope its still funny!


  1. GREAT! I love your dubbs. Voice of Bilbo is the best 😉

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