Posted by: Phil | August 23, 2009

25+ New Minutes of Dubbs Are Recorded

Phil really tore up his vocal chords for you.

Phil really tore up his vocal chords for you.

You read correctly. Me and Drew were taking some time off to dub over over 25 minutes off of Ralph Bakshi’s lovable “Lord of the Rings Part 1” (to which part 2 was sadly never realized… if you are following us, Ralph… PLEASE FINISH THE QUEST! I’d WATCH IT OVER 25 TIMES!)

However, as much as we’d love to spill all of them beans all at once, we will not. I have to tweak a few sounds and each new dub will be released perhaps three or four days apart. Please bear with us as this is the best option. It enables all of you not to overindulge yourselves, and watch them all in their glory in turn. Trust me its for the best.

With that said, we have only 17 minutes left to actually dub and before you know it… the movie is over. It’s such a sweet sorrow isn’t it? I mean, if only Bakshi would finish up the whole thing!

I also really messed up my voice afterward. I hope you’ll really come to appreciate the lengths I take for all of you watching. Because… I-I…. I love you. All of you.

so keep your frackin’ eyes peeled in a few days for the next one… and next one…. and next one… and next one… and NEXT one!

He is totally right.

He is totally right.

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