Posted by: Phil | August 24, 2009

Pokémon Likes To Kill You

I do not like them as much as I used to.

I do not like them as much as I used to.

thanks to his Youtube Gun, we lost another good show.

Yup, you just keep squeezing all that money out of it.

Seriously. I’ve really had it with Shogakukan Inc. I tried to be friendly, I tried to respect them… but no. A friend of mine, – who, if you’re a Pokémon (or ex-Pokémon) person, will know as Youko from “Show Me Your News” or the “WTF Pokémon” show – just had their Youtube account annihalated due to copyright claim by none other than Shogakukan.

They own the Pokémon TV Show.

As fair as this may seem, my issue with this is the sheer and total neglect that is usually displayed on their side. I’ve never seen any other copyright holder so downright “infringeophobic” as they are. It seems any fraction of a frame you include in a video that’s meant for purely nothing more than celebrating, paying homage to, parodying, or even PROMOTING the show; is instantaneously found, targeted, and murdered.

Lucasfilm Ltd. (yes, Star Wars, Willow, Indy, etc.) has a different view. They allow useage of anything copyrighted from them (see the millions and millions of great Star Wars fanfilms on the internet) unless used for strict marketing purposes.

I have a Youtube account too. On this account I usually add the occasional overdub to various movies and trailers I come accross. I’ve never EVER had an infringement placed on any Lucasfilm-owned video. In the 3 years I was on Youtube… this never happened. However, every time I upload something that contains even the most liberal use of their “precious” Pokémon show, I’ve gotten banned. This happened three times. The first one was quite basically a very lovely music video I cut together using footage from “The First Movie”; of which there are BILLIONS of videos on Youtube.

The second one was this little video.

It’s really not fair. I imagine the Film/TV/Animation Branch of Shogakukan (or perhaps the company as a whole) as a selfish little ol’ rolly man with a very lethal desert eagle just itching to find more “Evil doers” that dare to love his Pokémon more than him.

It’s like “I hold the rights to this, and want you to give me money on what I made for you; but I’ll see to it that NONE of you share the same love, even if its far more selfless than my money-making ways, to it than I do!”

Quit being a whiny little pig-baby and let the fans do what you yourself started them to do, alright? I mean, you guys do good stuff… but why hit people with a mallet for liking it?


  1. I approve.

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