Posted by: Phil | March 31, 2010

The New Youtube Design and my Repulsion

It's been way too long.

Hi! It’s been what, 4 months? Regardless, I’m back to complain. Yes, complain. Complain about what, you ask? Complain about this:

Everyone knows about the goofy-named “Youtube” channel. Obviously.  Everyone also knows how the creators of this popular, and convenient page chock-full of useless videos (including ours) sold it for a billion dollars. To call them cheapskates is an understatement. Well, since this gigantic monopoly we all know as Google (I mean, sure they make some pretty good products and devices, and I still like them) started running things, Youtube has improved a lot since the “elder days”. I remember them. Such great days where there were no other overdubs but ours (no, seriously!)! Allow me a reminiscing sigh of “aaaaaahh…”

However, this year I’ve been seeing this “new youtube” layout snaking its way to everyone’s computer screens. Sneakingly worming and digging through the very nice and perfectly fine old youtube system we all were very used to. However today, I was forced into suffering through their new (and horrid) updated design system. Their biggest and most apprehensive change was the star-rating system. Apparently they received many complaints (which were probably just complaints from their pre-teen children and relatives) that its “not working properly”.  So they created something that works even more ineptly which is the cheesy “thumbs up/down” system. The fatal mistake with this, is that you cannot see how good a video is until you rate it. Which means we’ll have to torment ourselves by endlessly watching RickRolls much longer than we’d like. Will this be fixed, or is it going to be like that from now on? And if it will… why force this new design on us if its not done yet?

Please, don’t tell me that there are benefits from this. I know there are. There are a few really good features on the new Youtube, but the really good features they’ve REARRANGED and perverted aggravate me more than anything. To summarize this rant of JUSTICE, I give you a guy who’s name is only “Andy” and who wrote this very clear and concise complaint about the new Youtube… and I quote:

It is now officially impossible to distinguish videos that are worth watching on YouTube from ones that aren’t, as they got rid of the perfectly user friendly five-star rating format that has been in use for the last five years. They replaced the rating system to a “Like” or “Don’t Like” system that doesn’t actually appear to do anything. It does not give any statistics on the actual number of likes or dislikes, and it does not measure the quality of the work. Now, one can only attempt to discern good videos from bad ones by looking at the hit count. This means the videos with the most hits already will get more and more popular, while nobody will click on the videos with under a thousand hits because there’s no way of telling if it is going to be complete crap or not. I know I wouldn’t want to waste my time watching a video with fewer hits when I could click on one with a million, even though the only reason people are watching the million-hitter is because it had more hits in the first place. It is a sick cycle that can never be broken.

YouTube also decided to get rid of the “More From This User” sidebar. This makes finding videos from the same person a tremendous pain in ass, because you have to navigate through their profile to find what you want to watch, instead of just effortlessly clicking on the links right next to what you just watched. By taking out that sidebar, YouTube made more room to put related videos which in most cases aren’t actually related to what you are watching at all.

Please join me and tell those apparently  design-inept people at Youtubeland to please, if not revert this monstrously unappealing layout, at least leave the positions of the menus, and rating-system (5 years, people. It was used without complaints for 5 years.) on the same spot.  This new layout is less convenient, less fast, and has a lot of bugs to boot. So why even shove this down our throats to begin with? I’m very disappointed, and will have a harder time uploading, let alone WATCHING videos thanks to it.

not like my single-voiced speck of an opinion matters, but

Change it back.



  1. Sorry Phil, the 5 star rating system was just as worthless. Inane emos, basment dwellers, cheerleaders game “OMG 5/5!!!” to the plethora of anime music videos, Final Fantasy fan movies, and puppy slideshows, which also all had OVER 9000 views. Less than 5% of YT users used the rating system with any kind of objectivity or discretion, so why keep it if it wasn’t doing it’s job?

  2. 5-star rating system had lots of flaws, but the new system is a lot worse. Yes 5-star system and “number of views” flaws came from one simple reason: popularity is not the same as greatness and “cheerleaders” are a lot more demanding than knowledgeable audience. At least in the field of classical music, we saw some great performances being judged as 4 or 4.5 stars and under 5000 views because of more demanding audience and comparison to greats-of-all-times and really mediocre performances by popular classical crossover artists given 5-stars and millions of views. But this flaw was specific to arts, I don’t think it was much of a problem with other videos.

    But the new system is even worse. It doesn’t resolve the flaw above as same people who give five stars to mediocre or bad performances would give thumbs up, and more demanding audience would give thumb down for good-but-not-great performance. But it’s worse because, it doesn’t allow one to say “this is good but not great”, “this is almost great”, “this is mediocre but not terrrible”. The world is not black/white and what one thinks about the video is usually not 1 or 0 as with computer hardware.

    But my main problem with the new design is comments system. It’s a complete mess. I know most comments are stupid – though I have to say that on videos that I normally listen to (classical music/opera/operetta) the quality of comments was much higher, but this is the fact of life. But what they did was make any kind of conversation – whether stupid or intelligent – completely impossible. You cannot see who replies to whom especially where there is more than a simple question/answer interchange; only a few comments shown on the first page; inability to see all comments on one page only makes following conversations even more difficult. It’s just awful…

    The “two best rated comments” feature is useless since these tend to be comments of the type “oh this is wonderful” – again because the fans of a video on youtube tend to rate comments that express the popular opinion higher and mark comments down for a simple difference of opinion.

    It’s no longer fun to even go to YouTube. I still do – just to watch videos – but try not to look anywhere else as it’s too frustrating.

    • AYE!! Well said. well said.

  3. At least with ratings a person has to give a bit of thought to the answer. Thumbs up, thumbs down is what children use to rate the jelly dad puts in their P&J sandwich.

    Come on, YT. Why throw out 5 years of a good thing?


  4. Totally agree with the complain. They ruined a good thing and, what make me mostly upset is that they declared to do that for us, File under “totalitarism”. Paul

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