Posted by: Phil | April 23, 2010

Lord of the Rings Audiobook “Soundscape” Project


Greetings, people. Not many of you, but one is better than none! I’ve been recently calibrating an idea I had a very long time ago concerning doing a more life-like but super-accurate translation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s texts for “The Lord of the Rings” (or any of his narrative writings in the world of Arda). Being a very nerdy fan since seeing the 2001 Film adaptation of FOTR in 2002 (yes, I missed watching it in theatres), I’ve ever since been inspired by and felt pretty happy when reading Tolkien’s “stuff”.

With that said, I have thought it would be a cool idea to read chapters from (right now, anyways) “The Lord of the Rings” and, not only that, but try to dramatize it as much as possible. Obviously its all me, and I do not do a great job on all the voices; however, not only do I try that, I also try adding sound effects and music (by Howard Shore of course) to it as well.

Click this to see BIG.

It’s called “soundscape” because it sounds fancy and its kind of a hybrid between an audio drama and an audiobook.

So far, I’ve got one chapter down (which is an hour long)… and trust me when I say this: Its not perfect. There are many glitches and mistakes. As you know, having just one guy doing everything is really not very convenient.

So without further ado, here’s the first chapter of the only chapter I have so far finished.

Oh yes, I also painted the “concept art” for the parts. So, you have something to look at that’s not just a screencap or a logo. Have fun! Hope you enjoy it.

Click Here to Subscribe or look at the other videos where the Soundscape Audiobooks are located.



  1. You’re very good at this. I have an audio cassette of Alice in Wonderland read by Christopher Plummer, and I think you do a much better job. I’ve also listened to The Chronicles of Narnia that were put on a series of CDs recently. It was more like what you’ve made, with the sounds effects, voices, and such. It’d be sweet if you could make a career of it. Ha, I wonder how one goes about it.

  2. Phil,

    This is wonderful. Please don’t stop!!


  3. Oops, one more thing, Phil. Drop in a pay pal so we can send something your way for your time and talent!

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