Posted by: Phil | March 23, 2012

LordPhillock8 is gone. The End of an Era.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Yes, well it was inevitable. Our fairly-long-standing channel, “LordPhillock8” which was the primary channel these last four years for overdubs and the complete “Lord of the Rings: Completely Screwed Over” has been destroyed by the powers-that-be due to claim of copyright infringement.

Though, it was all through “fair use” and properly legal under the “parody clause”, who are we to argue? Besides, as you can tell, we weren’t that active throughout most of 2010, 11, and 12, so our investment in parodies such as these was already teetering near the slope of ambivalence and ‘uninterest’. Before the end of its unholy life, we didn’t really upload dubs any more. We tried other things (to some, that wasn’t a good thing) and the rate of uploading ranged from weeks to months. It was on its way out anyway. I’m not much of a comedian, and the interest in doing dubovers has been weakening ever since. I know it’s hard for all of you to grasp, and it’s hard for me too, but it is just the way of merciless copyright holders, and the nature of such silly craft. Always a risk.

I knew this would happen eventually, and it has. All I can say is “Thank you for all the memories”. I’ll remember all those hilarious comments all of you sent me, and how we all waited for the conclusion of our ol’ “LOTR Completley Screwed Over”,  and the dubs we used to make for trailers of movies before they came out, predicting how mediocre it would be – and most of the time (not bragging) actually being right about it! Anyway, to the four people who will actually read this letter, thank you. It’s been fun, and hopefully the future will be even better.

As for the future of our dubs, I’ll slowly upload random ones on this backup channel, but don’t expect it to blossom like our old one. We also have a BLIP.TV account, and that might also be a good idea to check out (and upload more things onto).

Drew, my co-operator for the LOTR:CSO dubs, has also been out of the scene since 2010, and has moved on to other things in the city of Chicago, Illinois. I have moved from my old home as well. The old alliances have been dissolved, but that doesn’t mean new ones can’t be forged.

As for myself, I just have to continue doing other things in its wake. I haven’t posted on this blog for two years, and right now, I’m nearing the end of the “Two Towers” audiobook project I talked about, exactly one month short of two years ago. That’s where most of the focus is lying  for me these days.

and with a heavy heart, we must bid farewell to LordPhillock8, for he was surely an object of lulz and a beacon of nothingness that still managed to capture our hearts with its absurd glow. It’s been a great run – thanks, guys.



  1. *flings self onto floor and weeps in a crumpled heap*

    I am honoured to be one of the four that reads this blog, and as such it is with a heavy heart indeed that I bid farewell to that special host of many joys.

    Haeng un eul bil eo yo.

  2. Wow. That sucks. Really sorry to hear that, man. My friends and I really enjoyed those dubs. Good to hear the Two Towers audio recording is going strong though. Keep up the good work, sir.

    • thanks, mate! 🙂

  3. Let me put emphasis on the fact that YouTube is a big cunt. I had several (I think Star Wars related) videos of you bunch favorited, so removing the channel meant removing the videos, resulting in disappointment when I was browsing through my all-time favorites. I’m pretty glad about your backup channel. You have repeatedly managed to make me laugh for a long time now (I’m still laughing, doctors say I can’t be cured but at least it keeps me healthy).

    Also, I am definitely not one of the four you were expecting. There are far more people enjoying what you do, so I’m probably number ten or so to read this.

    I can’t even say I know most of your stuff, so I can’t join the melancholy. I’m just sincerely saying thank you for the enjoyment provided and the high level at which you kept your dubs. When your characters talk about drugs, homosexuality and prostitution, they … try to keep it subtle. Sometimes. And that’s really good. The world needs more dubs of your dubseses’ calibre.

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