Posted by: Phil | October 4, 2012

This Blog Isn’t As Active As These Ones…

Dear Everyone who subscribed to this Dubbing blog: while I will give you a clearer insight on the fate of our wonderful dubbing group of old, before I do that… I want you to know that Drew Vosburg hasn’t been updating it for years, and I haven’t been very active either. That’s why I have my own personal WordPress page where I write random reviews and sentiments that get updated more frequently than over here.

> If you would be so kind, please subscribe to my page if you are interested. <  

I get around to that more, since the dubbing blog was for our dubs and a collaborative musing between myself and Drew.

Besides, Drew has gone on and made his own place to write things at. Mostly tech stuff.

Yes. Drew Vosburg’s Writings Reside at ‘TL;DR’

While we might update this page when something comes up, it would be great to stay tuned to things on these other two ones. Thanks for understanding, and I hope it’s not too much of a hassle.


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