Posted by: Phil | June 19, 2016

LOTR Bakshi Completely Screwed Over On Mega

we don’t use this blog anymore, but for the sake of everyone who wants the old Bakshi LOTR dubover we did, here is the complete thing in 2.45 GB on! Enjoy and hope you can download it:!8xdSyB4b

and the encryption key here: !z9vMwAXZtXKD_AJDLDZClOR4a1kbcQ5Y8VQsJM2Os7s


good luck.



  1. Hello! I’ve been trying to find this dub online for years now, and I was super pumped to find you’d uploaded it. However, the decryption key doesn’t work! It’d mean a whole bunch to me if this could be amended

  2. Thank you.

  3. I am uploading this on Vimeo in parts over the next few weeks due to their 500 mb/week limit. Just type in “Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings completely screwed over dub”. Completely original, no tampering.

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