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New Lyrics: Bleach – “Tonight Tonight Tonight”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

for all you Bleachtards out there… this is for you! Don’t worry, I love you guys. Yes, of course we made this.
also, I will have to warn you… because Youtube is getting quite “blood-drunk” (thank you, 300) about copyright infringement, we’re going to post more videos on the better and nicer! So there will be a few (sadlY) annoying link-videos. 😦 Very sorry about that in advance.

disney marvel posters

in case you didn’t know about this tragic news: Read It. It will break your heart.

And, even though this is a pretty extreme example… it is very much possible for them to do just this.

Do these gigantically fat media conglomerates really have to gobble up anything and everything to further drive their never-to-be-satisfied hunger for more and more and more money? I understand when a company gets too big, it needs to do more to survive, but this is rather… I don’t know… wrong?

This may just be spontaneous negative reaction. I know Bob Iger is a better guy than Michael Eisner, but I’m a concerned individual and I enjoy the priveledge that is diversity. One giant company buying out smaller ones decreases this vital existence of diversity in the world, and makes many lives much bleaker in the long run.

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Pokémon Likes To Kill You

I do not like them as much as I used to.

I do not like them as much as I used to.

thanks to his Youtube Gun, we lost another good show.

Yup, you just keep squeezing all that money out of it.

Seriously. I’ve really had it with Shogakukan Inc. I tried to be friendly, I tried to respect them… but no. A friend of mine, – who, if you’re a Pokémon (or ex-Pokémon) person, will know as Youko from “Show Me Your News” or the “WTF Pokémon” show – just had their Youtube account annihalated due to copyright claim by none other than Shogakukan.

They own the Pokémon TV Show.

As fair as this may seem, my issue with this is the sheer and total neglect that is usually displayed on their side. I’ve never seen any other copyright holder so downright “infringeophobic” as they are. It seems any fraction of a frame you include in a video that’s meant for purely nothing more than celebrating, paying homage to, parodying, or even PROMOTING the show; is instantaneously found, targeted, and murdered.

Lucasfilm Ltd. (yes, Star Wars, Willow, Indy, etc.) has a different view. They allow useage of anything copyrighted from them (see the millions and millions of great Star Wars fanfilms on the internet) unless used for strict marketing purposes.

I have a Youtube account too. On this account I usually add the occasional overdub to various movies and trailers I come accross. I’ve never EVER had an infringement placed on any Lucasfilm-owned video. In the 3 years I was on Youtube… this never happened. However, every time I upload something that contains even the most liberal use of their “precious” Pokémon show, I’ve gotten banned. This happened three times. The first one was quite basically a very lovely music video I cut together using footage from “The First Movie”; of which there are BILLIONS of videos on Youtube.

The second one was this little video.

It’s really not fair. I imagine the Film/TV/Animation Branch of Shogakukan (or perhaps the company as a whole) as a selfish little ol’ rolly man with a very lethal desert eagle just itching to find more “Evil doers” that dare to love his Pokémon more than him.

It’s like “I hold the rights to this, and want you to give me money on what I made for you; but I’ll see to it that NONE of you share the same love, even if its far more selfless than my money-making ways, to it than I do!”

Quit being a whiny little pig-baby and let the fans do what you yourself started them to do, alright? I mean, you guys do good stuff… but why hit people with a mallet for liking it?

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25+ New Minutes of Dubbs Are Recorded

Phil really tore up his vocal chords for you.

Phil really tore up his vocal chords for you.

You read correctly. Me and Drew were taking some time off to dub over over 25 minutes off of Ralph Bakshi’s lovable “Lord of the Rings Part 1” (to which part 2 was sadly never realized… if you are following us, Ralph… PLEASE FINISH THE QUEST! I’d WATCH IT OVER 25 TIMES!)

However, as much as we’d love to spill all of them beans all at once, we will not. I have to tweak a few sounds and each new dub will be released perhaps three or four days apart. Please bear with us as this is the best option. It enables all of you not to overindulge yourselves, and watch them all in their glory in turn. Trust me its for the best.

With that said, we have only 17 minutes left to actually dub and before you know it… the movie is over. It’s such a sweet sorrow isn’t it? I mean, if only Bakshi would finish up the whole thing!

I also really messed up my voice afterward. I hope you’ll really come to appreciate the lengths I take for all of you watching. Because… I-I…. I love you. All of you.

so keep your frackin’ eyes peeled in a few days for the next one… and next one…. and next one… and next one… and NEXT one!

He is totally right.

He is totally right.

I don't know, man. I don't know.

I don't know, man. I don't know.

HEY PEOPLE! Well, it seems our LOTR dubs are getting produced much faster than expected. Hopefully this will be a pretty fast dart to the finish line. As you have heard, we will be making a DVD (okay, I will). On it will be bonus materials! Many, many things! Such as the incomplete Rankin/Bass ROTK dubs (starring Tim), and a few behind-the-microphone segments. Maybe even a commentary or two. This will be available for FREE (because it’s pretty illegal to be selling something like this) on bittorrent or mail-in (basically, just send an empty dual-layer DVD and I’ll burn it and send it back). Obviously, for copyright reasons… you have to have the original film (The unadulterated Bakshi LOTR movie)… (whatever).

bakshi lotr dub logo blog dvd

Brilliance on a Disc

Secondly, does anyone use Tumblr? I have no idea what it is, but a friend of mine uses it and I tried it out. It’s kind of fun to be posting random things I do on it, but its kind of fruitless because there is no comment, AND no one really reads or watches anything I post on there! Plus, all Tumblr does is remind me of that inconveniently large batmobile from the new Batman series.  tumblrafa

Also, here’s a link to this really funky guy called Jakerno. He’s the voice of Bilbo in our dubs, and is a generally cool guy. Yes, this is kind of blatant linking promotion… but what the heck, you might find it entertaining.

In other news, I wish I had more people reading this, because I like writing on it occasionally, but I usually don’t have much to say. Wait, did I just answer my own question?

P.S. I might be uploading all the episodes on BLIP.TV … so incase our youtube account gets killed off, you’ll have them all on there!

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Lord of the Rings Dub Update



Oh yeah, baby. We’re back. We’ve been meditating about it and have a very good plan for the rest of the series. Trust me, you’ll like it. The vacation I was on was fun and everything, and I had a lot of downtime to think of what to do for the last half. Gandalf returns, Boromir dies, and the film doesn’t have a proper ending! What will happen when the characters within the film find that out!?

Not to mention the battle at Helm’s Deep… with (S)Aruman’s light show going off. Once its over, I really hope it will have a life of its own, and continue to touch more people’s hearts with pure joy and wonder… Contact ThatGuyWithTheGlasses! Tell them to just mereley MENTION this! Daaaaah! We gotta’ scramble!

Sorry for the many delays this thing is getting, but we get busy and occasionally uncreative. Hope its still funny!

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A Unique Review of “Silence of the Lambs”

Silence those Lambs!

Silence those Lambs!

hi guys. I’m internet-impaired for the time being but I managed to hitch a connection somewhere. So I uploaded my review to this movie I watched very recently. Here are my thoughts:

My already low bar for the American film industry’s artistic integrity has just been lowered. How you ask? Because one day I was reading the back of a generally considered classic animated film we all know as “Beauty and the Beast”. It stated that it was the first (and last) flick to be nominated “Best Picture” by the (in this person’s solid opinion) perversely over-bloated Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.
As I did a little more research on this event, I came to notice that it lost that award over somecheapy-deapy murder flick called “The Silence Of The Lambs” (as awesome as the title may sound).

Hmm… this must be some amazingly special movie to beat out a very special animated one. Apparently this “Lambs” movie is also considered one of the best films ever made. Directed by prestigiousguy (I’ve never heard of) called Jonathan Demme? Okay, I’ll check it out.
And I did.

Perhaps the best reaction from me with this “amazing” movie was this:
What Kind Of Drugs Are You People On?!

Case in point: The film itself, based on a novel, inspired by real murders (that’s a triple-dosage of deteriorating originality, f.y.i.) felt like nothing more to me than another shock hokey-pokey horror crime movie. Something that always seems to be played on late-night TV over and over. Sorry, did I just offend you by saying this? Sincerest apologies.

I will say that all the main players did a very good job acting this story out. Especially Tony Hopkins. Although, from all the god-like praise and information I have been receiving prior to seeing this flick, “Anthony Hopkins never blinked in the movie” (disappointingly so: he did. Quite a few times.), I was expecting something otherworldly. Something a little less gross, too. (Do people have no shame? I presume there’s a reason it exists, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking that question.)

What an embarrassment. Say what? The film? No, not at all! I meant what an embarrassment to “the brainless masses”, as many socialist dictators like to call them, who really believe this film is something far greater than what it is. It’s a solid film, yes; It’s suspenseful, arguably so. But it had this seeping feeling of a movie where the filmmakers felt so full of themselves, so high-and-mighty, I could swear they said this every day: “We are so awesome that we made all this shocking and crazy stuff! It’s sure to shock and disturb the audience!” ( It didn’t. It merely disgusted; two verydifferent emotions.). In my opinion, this movie was no different from “Saw”, “The Ring”, or even “Friday the 13th”. If not with just a little bit more intelligence; a little bit.

The action scenes were pretty lame too.
What truly disturbed me, however, was that this little piece of shock-schlock won all ‘major’ categories at the 1991 Academy Awards. (That’s Best: Director, Actor, Screenplay, Film, Supporting Actor for all you respectable people that are uninformed by such nonsense. I hypothesize that it probably won best film by letting the camera keep rolling for the last wide-shot throughout all of the end credits. How titillatingly artsy!)

“Beauty and the Beast” was a heartfelt, charming, and universally classic story. Something that can truly last forever and be seen by generation upon generation; each of them seeing it in a different way. Add to that the arduous process of character animation, something our mighty Academy never ceases to overlook. If anything: to bring to life a story with such character definition, and such a tightly-knit narrative, and such a moral core (three feats a live action movie would be lucky to have at least one of)on screen that can relate to both young and old… and that’s only half of it. Your interests and emotions are being swayed by literally pieces of paper, led, and paint;something that requires a triple-dosage of imagination, inspiration, talent, patience, stamina, and fearlessness (please note: fearlessness is different from shamelessness. Duh.).

I’m perplexed that “Beauty and the Beast” was the only animated film to be nominated for “Best Picture”. This should tell you a thing or two about the stuck-up, pompous and slow-learning nature of our wonderful establishment.

A little off-track: Now that the “Best Animated Picture” category has been established, and so few animated movies are even nominated (the biggest two being Disney and DreamWorks flicks… its hilarious seeing something as forgetful as “Kung-Fu Panda” having an Oscar Nomination), its kind of one-sided considering Disney/Pixar (mostly Pixar) keeps winning every year.

As I watched “Silence of the Lambs”, I wondered how amazing it would be had Rorschach of the more-intelligent, older, darker, less-disgusting and more engaging“Watchmen” comic book been around to mercilessly hunt down and (literally) grill our Hannibal Lecter, and “Buffalo Bill” friends. It makes one wonder… why not?

Anyway. Here is something I sketched while watching that silly “Lambs” movie. First of all, the movie would have been a lot better if fruits played it out.

SCAN_JUNE_2009_16-small2Second, Rorschach should have been in it. Yes, he’s force-feeding Hannibal’s own hand to him and threatening to light him on fire. This happens after Lecter’s head is repeatedly smashed over his lunch (broken porcelain, glass, and all) and shoved against one of the cell bars with bone-rupturing force… oh yeah, and his hand was dismembered with a combination of the dead policeman’s sharp-ended gold-plated badge, and an eating knife. Sorry, I got carried away!


Conclusion: “Silence of the Lambs” is one of those more-intelligent mystery/horror/gross-out movies, but that is not saying a lot. It includes a well-cast bunch of performers, and for the most part, its “okay”-directed. Since I haven’t heard of Jonny Demme before or since, I’m taking he’s a one-shot wonder… kind of like this movie: a wonder it’s so highly regarded…
…And a wonder that I am the definite minority on this.

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Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

I was perusing the Internet (as I am doing more often, now that it is summer) and I found this as a part of Hulu‘s collection of the Best of Conan.  The guest is Louis CK, and he presents some great social commentary.

Also, I found this wonderful tidbit of information about Microsoft’s response to the Wii.

Also, auto-tune the news!

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The world of sitting on my butt…

Vozzie has a better website!

Vozzie has a better website!

So I am yet to land a temporary job for this summer, and as such I have had lots of spare time.  With nothing else pressing (other than the job search), I decided it was time to reinvent, rebuild, and reorganize my website.

I spent the first two weeks of this summer executing this plan, and now it is all done.  Feel free to visit the new and check out what I have been up to!

So, I saw Star Trek, and it was a pretty decent movie.  The story was pleasing, although you couldn’t really tell where it was going to end.  Having seen it in a theater, I still think it is a very good movie, but I have a feeling the epic grandeur of the film will have less impact on DVD and BluRay this summer!

I understand that these are all small things, but they are things nonetheless, so here are my irritations with the movie:

1. Lens Flares. I know you are trying to create a visual style, but it got distracting.  I should be listening to the characters’ lines, not counting how many lens flares aren’t coming from actual lights.

2. Dutch Angles. Seriously, the beginning of the scene where Spock is before some counselly thing, the camera rotates 170 degrees on the Z axis!

3. Fonts. The different fonts for everything was distracting and racist.  No, sorry, that was Bond.  Bond sucked this time around.

4. Hoth/Always A Bigger Fish. The scene preceding Captain Kirk and old Spock meeting was absolutely unnecessary.  It felt like the producer said, “This film is beginning to be less effects driven.  People are focusing on the characters instead of the action.  Let’s have a lobster/leopard chase scene!”  And then, as was observed by a friend, the now-classic sci-fi “big-creature-attacked-by-even-more-ridiculously-sized-weirdie” moment.

5. “Rated PG-13 for Quirky Situations.” When Kirk and his trusty Scotsman, Scottie, beam into the Enterprise, Scottie is somehow transported into a big thing of water for the turbine engine.  Setting all “geeky” questions about being transported into the middle of another material, this weird and silly scene adds nothing to the actual movie.  In fact, it felt like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I don’t understand why they felt it was necessary to add this to the film.

Overall, I think the movie was pretty good.  I don’t think it was as good as it was hailed to be originally, but if you’re looking for a decent sci-fi flick, Star Trek has some phenomenal CG and some good action that will keep you awake.


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Music Video World



Hi guys. Yes, you may be wondering why the newest video isn’t funny, nor is it a dub. That’s because I know these three guys that make music, and I want to help them out. I want to promote for them. That’s why that video is up. They are Respondents.

Does it have anything to do with me? Yes it does. I directed, edited, lit, and had the pain of directing lead-guitarist Matt Runda (a very opinionated dude, God bless him) to make it. Sorry for the shakyness of the camera but we’re not made out of money, and I can’t afford an awesome steadicam system.

You can listen to some Respondents songs from their EP right here. I hope you like this music video, which I worked fairly hard on. Its far from what I imagined in my head, but circumstances prohibited that to come into fulfillment.

Yeah, I was the one that shot all the footage. I didn’t have any “assistance” (except the very helpful aids that were kind enough to hold lights and reflectors because I was not able to: Caleb, Jake, TJ, Stephanie, Lionel. Thanks!)

Don’t worry, more dubs to come. Don’t worry; I’ll be funny again.

In case you didn’t see it on Youtube; or any other place for that matter: I linked it for you:

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